Sweet Kiss Balloon Bouquet – Palm & Pine
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Sweet Kiss Balloon Bouquet

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Give your sweetheart a super sweet kiss this Valentines Day! 


  • Balloon bouquet includes a jumbo lip balloon filled with helium and tied to weight with tassels.  

   Delivery & Pickup available. Pickup Guide
   Foil Balloon floats up to 1 week, Latex up to 3 days. See Longevity Notes.
   Inflated with helium - this item will float.
   Please read all information below.

Colour Palette: Pink and Red
Finishing: Tied to complementary coloured ribbon, two tassels, and balloon weight  Dimensions: 
Lips Balloon - 30" / 86cm 
String - approx. 1.8m Material:  Balloon - Foil
Tassels - Paper and Foil

Float time may vary based on temperature, environment, and handling. Palm & Pine cannot guarantee the lifespan of your balloons after they are picked up/ delivered.