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Personalised Confetti Balloon, Inflated

$80.00 AUD

A full description on this balloon arrangement is located beneath the photos including details on the balloon bouquet, float time, and pickup or delivery options.
When ordering, please read the description before selecting your custom options.

We have been creating our personalised confetti balloons in our Newcastle shop since 2017. They have quickly become our most popular balloons and have been used far and wide for wedding, engagements, birthdays and baby showers. Each custom confetti balloon is designed and inflated by the Palm & Pine team, and includes your choice of confetti colours, text (in black - trust us!), tassels, balloon weight, and signature satin ribbon. 

Our personalised balloons make a fantastic gift for local friends and family, as well as event decor for your next party!  

    Delivery & Pickup available. Pickup Guide
   Confetti Balloon floats up to 3 days. See Longevity Notes.
   Inflated with helium - this item will float.
   Please read all information below.

Colour Palette: Custom
Finishing: Tied to complimentary coloured ribbon, three tassels, satin ribbon, and balloon weight  Dimensions:  Balloon - 60cm Diameter String - approx. 1.8m Confetti - approx. 3.8cm
Material:  Balloon - Plactic  Confetti -  Paper and Foil
Ribbon - Satin
Tassels - Paper and Foil

Float time may vary based on temperature, environment, and handling. Palm & Pine cannot guarantee the lifespan of your balloons after they are picked up/ delivered.
  • Balloons look their best when they are at their freshest point. Schedule pickup or delivery on the same day as your event when possible. 
  • Pickup is available at Palm & Pine Wednesday to Friday 9am to 2:30pm, Saturday 9am to 1pm; and by appointment all other times. 
  • Delivery is available in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Hunter Valley region from 3pm to 5pm on weekdays; and from 12pm to 5pm on Saturdays. 
  • Visit our Delivery Zone Map and Price Guide, price is calculated based on post code.
    • Additional charges may apply for deliveries over $200 and/or orders of 4 jumbo balloons or the equivelant. 
    • Delivery is available beyond Newcastle (Hunter Valley, Maitland, and Port Stephens) please fill out our Custom Balloon Enquiry Form for an accurate quote.
  • Hospital Deliverys: 

    Most hospitals in the Newcastle area do not allow deliveries of latex balloons. If you'd like to welcome a new baby with a balloon arrangement please contact us before placing the order so we can guide you on arrangements the hospitals will allow, or arrange for delivery when the baby arrives home. 

  • If you would like to arrange for a delivery or pickup outside of our operating hours, please call 02 8328 0378, or fill out our Custom Balloon Enquiry Form

Over the years we have created and featured coutless balloon arrangements on our social media channels. For more inspiration please visit our InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest pages. While you are there, give them a like and follow to see all future arrangements and new products! 

Looking to create something truly unique? Or go above and beyond what is listed on our website? We would be thrilled to create something special just for you. Please fill out our custom balloon inquiry form and we will be in touch! 

  • All orders are final and non-refundable after payment is processed.

  • Delivery and pickup times can only be modified based on availability

  • In the event Palm & Pine cannot complete your order (sometimes balloons are moody and have issues aka holes 😲, only visible once inflated) you will be contacted and offered a balloon replacement of equal or greater value - we like to make it up to you when there is an issue outside of our control, or a refund on your purchase. 

While we use the highest quality balloons, and take every precaution necessary with your balloons to ensure they last through your event, once the balloons leave our door they are out of our control and thus care is within your hands.

We do not offer free replacements on popped or deflated balloons.