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Huskee Cup - 6oz Charcoal

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Meet HuskeeCup. It's the best reusable coffee cup you've ever seen. Buy your single HuskeeCup at Palm & Pine and help reuse coffee husks generated from coffee production, and reduce the amount of takeaway cups that end up in landfill.

The striking charcoal 8oz HuskeeCup with a takeaway lid is perfect for your small/medium coffee on the go. 


  • Keeps your coffee hotter for longer
  • Non toxic (BPA free)
  • Repurposes waste (coffee husk)
  • Comfortable to hold and cool to touch
  • Durable and reusable
  • Dishwasher Safe


Ok, that's the stats, now here's the detail. We are obsessed with this product so we want to tell you about it!

HuskeeCup is made from waste coffee husk that is a by-product of coffee production. Globally, 1.7 tonnes of coffee husk waste is created every year, so by purchasing HuskeeCup you're helping to recycle this waste material.

HuskeeCup’s unique thermal properties will keep your coffee hotter for longer. Its slim and grippable form has fins that are not only an iconic design feature, but also protect your hands from the heat of your drink. You’re going to love the way it feels to hold HuskeeCup. 

HuskeeCup is dishwasher safe, stain-resistant, durable and it doesn’t chip or crack easily. It's been tested in the most rigorous café environments, running it through the dishwasher dozens of times a day. And you know why else we love it? It has little drainage vents on the bottom of the cup to ensure water runs straight off after cleaning. No more revolting liquid pools!

HuskeeCup is BPA free, and FDA approved food safe. HuskeeCup work closely with their husk suppliers to ensure that no hazardous materials or chemicals are used during the process to obtain the husks.