Gender Reveal Balloon, Inflated – Palm & Pine

Gender Reveal Balloon, Inflated

$53.00 AUD

A full description on this balloon arrangement is located beneath the photos including details on the balloon bouquet, float time, and pickup or delivery options.
When ordering, please read the description before selecting your custom options.

Getting ready to pop? Celebrate the special announcement or reveal of your baby's gender with our inflated, jumbo gender reveal balloon!

You'll be showered with colour-coded confetti to celebrate the arrival of your little one. We use the highest quality latex balloons and our custom confetti blends, made right here in our Newcastle shop. 

    Delivery & Pickup available. Pickup Guide
   Floats up to 1 days. See Longevity Notes.
   Inflated with helium - this item will float.
   Please read all information below.

Colour Palette: Black with pink or blue filling
Finishing: Tied to complimentary coloured ribbon and balloon weight  Dimensions:  Confetti Balloon- 90cm Diameter String - approx. 1.8m Confetti - approx. 3.8cm
Material:  Confetti Balloon - 100% Biodegradeable Latex  Confetti -  Paper and Foil

We understand that when you are purchasing your gender reveal balloon you may not yet know the colour confetti to be placed inside the balloon. We do require 24hrs notice of gender so we have time to prepare the confetti and balloon prior to your arrival. 

Gender reveal balloons are very large in size and black. As balloons get hot they expand and can thus pop (before you are ready) please take the utmost care when transporting your gender reveal balloon by keeping the balloon cool, out of direct sunlight, away from windows, doors, and sharp objects. 

Palm & Pine is not responsible for balloons once they leave our shop. 

Float time may vary based on temperature, environment, and handling. Palm & Pine cannot guarantee the lifespan of your balloons after they are picked up/ delivered.