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Clove & Sandalwood Wash & Lotion Gift Set

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Earthy and luxe. Heady notes of jasmine at the heart develop into a rich woody base. The ultimate blend of rich spices and musky masculine tones. 

A perfect pair - this duo is the ultimate tool to leave your skin feeling invigorated, clean, healthy, and soft. 

Australian Made • 100% palm oil free • Not tested on animals


  • Gift Set Includes 1x 500ml Hand & Body Wash and 1x Hand & Body Lotion


  • HEART: Jasmine, Cyclamen, Rosewood.
  • BASE: Cedarwood, Musk, Wood, Sandalwood.


  • Clove: Clove is known to create a warm and sweet aroma with its spicy oriental blends.
  • Sandalwood: Sandalwood creates a distinctive smooth and warm fragrance that is known to help with sleep and anxiety. And can also enhance the benefits of meditation.
  • Musk: The calming scent, with its smooth sweetness. Intended to relax a racing mind.