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Bachelorette Dare Cards

$19.95 AUD

This set of 12 scratch-off dare cards offers a fun and easy on-the-go game for a night out with your leading ladies! Scratch a card to reveal your unique dare for the night.


  • Includes 12 scratch off dare cards
  • Packages in a clear luggage tag sleeve
  • Designed in the USA

Dares include: “Get a stranger to serenade the bride!”, “Take a picture with the DJ or Bartender”, “Take a picture with a guy who has the same name as the groom, “Do the chicken dance in the middle of the room”, “Get a buck from a guy”, “Kiss a stranger”, “Switch outfits with someone”, “Find someone to buy the bride a drink”, “Get a guy’s phone number on a napkin”, “Get a piggy back ride from a cute guy”, “Walk backwards for 10 minutes”, and Bride’s choice!”