Online Balloon Order – Palm & Pine

Frequently Asked Questions

I am local, if I select SHIPPING, does that mean you will DELIVER

No. We do not deliver inflated balloons orders placed online. Inflated balloons are only available for in-store pick up. If you place an order for inflated balloons online and select “shipping” you will be contacted to schedule an in store pick up or be refunded for your purchase.

Please visit customer care for a note on deliveries.

How far in advance do I need to order my balloons? 

All inflated balloons ordered online require 36hrs notice. We do not offer same day pick up on balloons ordered online. 

How will I know if my order qualifies for in-store pick up? 

At the bottom of your cart you will see your cart total and two options for shipping or store pick up. If you only see the option for shipping this means your order does not qualify for store pick up and will only ship to your location uninflated. 

If you have multiple items (balloons AND party products) remove the balloons and then you can select in store pick up. Or give us a call 02 8328 0378 and we can assist you over the phone. 






I selected “inflated and weighted” why isn't this balloon available for pick up?

We require a minimum of 36hrs notice on all orders for pick up placed online, this allows us time to prepare your order and ensure staffing needs are met. If you are not receiving the message to pick up in store at the bottom of your CART you have not given enough notice for the pick up.  

Why don’t I have the option to order an inflated and weighted balloon on all your balloon offerings?

As of February 1st we are trialing online balloon orders for pick up with our collection of Valentines balloons ONLY. If you have selected a balloon without the option for inflation you will not be able to pick

I have multiple balloons in my cart, some with inflation, others without, why can’t I see the option for pick up?  

To avoid confusion we have not elected our unfilled balloons to be available for in-store pick up, meaning you can only select balloons with helium filled options for store collection - this is currently our Valentines Day range, ONLY. 

Have more questions? 

Give us a call and one of our stylists would be happy to assist you over the phone Wednesday to Saturday. 02 8328 0378