Caring for our Linens – Palm & Pine

Following a few simple rules will ensure your linen remains in pristine condition through normal use.


Wash in cold or warm water on a gentle cycle using a gentle detergent. Launder any stains immediately. If allowed to set they may be impossible to remove later. Only use oxygen-type bleaches for white linen. Do not use any chlorine based bleaches. Ensure all linen is rinsed thoroughly removing all soaps and detergents.


Either line dry or tumble dry on low. For either method, ensure linen remains slightly damp. Overdrying or tumble drying on a hot setting can dry out the fibres causing them to become brittle. Your linen will recover, however may take several hours to re-absorb moisture from the air.


Some prefer the natural crinkled texture of linen and prefer not to iron, however if you prefer the smoother texture, then make sure to iron linen when it is slightly damp. Iron on the wrong side first and then on the right side for light coloured linens. Only iron dark linens on the wrong side. Iron linen until satisfactorily smooth, but not bone dry.


Linen dries quickly so either store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place or set it back on the bed slightly damp. Do not store your linen in plastic bags, cardboard boxes etc. as fumes can rot or mark the linen. When storing for long periods, be sure to refold your linen periodically to improve ventilation.