Hi there, I’m Andrea.
Welcome to Palm & Pine. 

Palm & Pine Premium Party Goods
is a one-stop-shop for all things party. Offering boutique party supplies from across the world, customisable party décor and party boxes, cards, gift wrap and more!  

You can say I have been involved in events and parties from my very first job at 15 as the “birthday party girl” at a petting farm, through my uni and post-uni career planning events in the National Football League (NFL)/gridiron in the USA and for my Alma Mater the University of Central Florida.

I moved to Newcastle, Australia in 2014, taking trips at least once a year to visit my family in Florida. After travelling back and forth from the USA to Australia I realised my travels had one thing in common – I was filling suitcases full of quality party supplies for dinner parties and holidays I would hold host with my main amigo Ben. As hard as I looked within Australia, I could not find items that were available back in the USA.

Palm & Pine is a collection of party supplies, gifts and décor from small businesses and makers across the world, including items we design ourselves at our shop in the heart of Newcastle. All of the items we carry have been carefully curated to meet every occasion from intimate dinners to fabulous blowouts and everything in-between.

The products in our shop are a collection of my favourite things sourced from around the world – all of the items in our shop are items I would use at parties, to decorate or give as gifts. In fact, some of the items are gifts I was known to give before opening the store.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and have designed our in-store and online feel to be that of what you would find in my hometown in sunny Florida –  Palm trees, bright colours and sunshine.

I hope that Palm & Pine provides you with the tools and inspiration to throw your own beautiful and effortless bash. 


About the Name: 

As much as I’d like to claim Palm & Pine as my own, the real boss is Palmer, our beautiful French bulldog who runs the shop - The “Palm” in Palm & Pine is just our little pups’ nickname. 

You can find Palmer most days hanging out under the big table in the centre of the shop, feel free to stop in for some puppy love.

So what about that signature pineapple...?

When I first moved to Australia I wrote a recipe blog entitled “The Pineapple Cake,” my love for pineapples runs deep y’all!

Palm & Pine is our shop. Well… Mostly Palmer’s.